Lavancha water Concentrate/ Khus essential water

Hello everyone, I am very happy to come up with a product under the brand of 'Sahaja Siri'.  First of all, let me thank you all for all the love & support so far in my blogging journey, where I got an opportunity to share my kitchen trials with you all & learn many things from you too!
Khus flavored water

Being born and brought up in a village of 'God's own country' Kerala & Karnataka border, I always had inclination towards Ayurveda, natural healing & herbal food & personal care. Coming from farming background, we were mostly exposed to chemical free lifestyle!
We grew up eating farm fresh produces, consuming many Ayurvedic herbs in different forms without knowing much about it. We enjoyed it too.. It is not similar with our kids and many of regular routines then are not any more now.. They are almost forgotten..

One such thing/ practice is herbal infused water.. Many varieties, which made even drinking water more interesting with added benefits.. I am introducing one of them to start with which is nothing but Khus root/ Lavnacha/ Vetiver/ Ramacham... If you happen to come across my latest post of Khus Lemonade or heard of this somewhere and having a question how to get that flavor, then here is the vetiver water concentrate in its purest form... Easy to use as it is in liquid form, just add a bit of this concentrate to drinking water or in your lemonade to get khus root flavor & its goodness.. It is sugar free, preservative free, and extracted out of the best natural khus roots from the organic farm.  It is natural coolant, supports hydration, brings down burning sensation and has relaxing property. It makes a perfect healthy fit to beat summer heat!
Worked on this to bring out this innovative product after researching on this herb in my 2+ years of blogging journey with childhood memory of regular usage!

If you are interested to buy, please contact me
Lavancha/ vetiver

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