Surinam Cherry jam/ Brazilian Cherry marmalade/ Pitanga berries Murabba

Are you hearing this name for first time? Or you have it in your backyard or farm, but never knew the name? It was new to me until I found few fruits in the shrub planted in our garden, which we bought as cherry plant 2 years back. When tasted it for the first time, I can say it was not the best impression though. It tastes better when plucked ripe ones.

Surinam Cherry

I did little research on this fruit without knowing the name, finally came to know that the name is Surinam Cherry/ Pitanga/ Brazilian cherry. Botanical name is Eugenia uniflora. When read about the benefits online, I was really surprised to find number of health benefits using this fruit. I just tried fresh juice of Surinam cherry and it tasted good too.  When I posted the recipe on a food group in Facebook, a friend & well-wisher, Smitha Nagaraja gave her inputs on this fruit and she also gave a recipe suggestion of Surinam cherry murabba! Since then it was in my to-do list. This year it is a bumper harvest of this fruit and I picked 2 days fruits, about 1 cup. 

Pitanga berries

Prepared jam with very few ingredients, that is just 3 ingredients. It took just 10 minutes to make, but tasted awesome. So I suggest making the jam if this fruit is available nearby! Thank you Smitha for this idea.
My three year old daughter, who never liked jams asked for a second serving with chapathi. It was a win- win to us as it is 100% natural without any preservative other than refined sugar. This jam has no artificial color added in it.
A friend & another relative mentioned about pickles of this fruit. I should try it out soon. Now, let us see how to make quick and chemical free jam at home!

Surinam Cherry jam

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 – 15 minutes
Serves: 200 grams jam
Ripe Surinam cherry/ Pitanga berries – 1 cup
Sugar – 1.25 cups
Cinnamon powder – ¼ tsp (optional)

  • Pick and wash cherries.
  • Remove seeds. It can be done with fingers as the fruits are very delicate. No need of making puree as it cooks fast & becomes soft to form the puree itself.
  • Take de-seeded berries in a thick bottomed wok/ pan.
  • Add sugar. Heat it on a medium flame.
  • Keep stirring occasionally. Initially it leaves water, and becomes mushy as it starts boiling.
  • Add cinnamon powder.
  • Keep stirring until it forms a single thick mass of jam consistency.  It takes just 10- 15 minutes (maximum).
  • Switch off the heat and transfer to a glass jar when cools down.
Pitanga berries Murabba
  • Spread on bread/ chapathi and serve. It makes a perfect combination with the sweet & sour taste.

  • It stays good for 10 – 15 days in room temperature if stored carefully.
  • Refrigerate for longer shelf life.
  • Sugar level can be adjusted as per taste.
Brazilian Cherry marmalade

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  1. It's on the stove now. It's smelling great. Thank you, for the recipe.

    1. Thats great... Thank you for trying. Hope you liked the taste as well!

    2. I have just made this jam and it is fantastic. Thank you.

  2. It tasted amazing. I am not a super huge fan of them in the raw, but this was delicious. I was out of cinnamon so I used a pumpkin pie spice mix. I'm super happy with the results. I think next year I'm going to make some for my extended family for Easter. Thank you again for the incredible recipe.

    1. Oh, that is so nice to know! Thank you for your feedback.

    2. Thank you so much for sharing that recipe! This year fruits are so juicy and larger size. It is the first time I did jam from that fruit, following your recipe and it came out so delicious! Tomorrow having friends for coffee and will enjoy jam with them. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿงก

    3. Thank you so much for the feedback, which always motivates us to do more. Means a lot to m. Hope your friends enjoyed the jam too

  3. This is great ��, the cinnamon really adds something wonderful! I normally make ice pops, this is a nice change, thank you!

    1. What is your ice pop recipe?

    2. Thank you for visiting my blog & taking time to comment!

    3. I make kulfis / ice pops with fresh seasonal fruits like chikkoo

      Recipe links

      Also going to write one with jackfruit seed soon!

  4. Ice pops: I use a hand blender to break up the fruit, add equal amount of water (can use more water,to taste), use stevia to taste and/or add li hing powder, about a tsp for two cups. Pour into popsicle sleeves, seal and freeze.
    I will try it with cinnamon next time.

  5. I'll need to try that, chikkoo (sapote), thanks.

  6. Thanks for the recipe Nisha. Absolutely delish. Check out my FB post with pics of my daughter and I making it.

  7. hmmm chemical free jam!!

    all those ingredients contain chemicals. we can't exist without chemicals.

    1. I agree with you that we are exposed to chemicals every moment in our life. But in this preparation, sugar is the one thing which is chemical. All other ingredients like fruit & cinnamon are homegrown without using any chemicals. I am satisfied with this. BTW, if we compare with store bought jam, it has other harmful ingredients too . Hope you agree with it Thank you

  8. You can use organic cane sugar or , coconut sugar or even palm sugar as all these sugars are unrefined - vegan friendly ... I used coconut sugar and added my secret Chinese 5 spice mix to my jam and was super delicious thank u ..

  9. We have a Brazilian cherry tree and I’m going to make the jam soon as the tree is loaded with fruit….wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

  10. Thank you!! Mine came a litlle bitter is that normal?

    1. Oh, Have you used well ripe fruits... If not, it might turn slightly bitter


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