Vegan Banana Buns/ Mangalore Buns without curds

Banana buns or just buns is a snack/ breakfast item originally from coastal region of Karnataka or Mangalore. It is very famous like any other Mangalore dishes such as Mangalore bajji (Goli baje) or Koddel (a type of curry) or Sajjige - Bajil (Upma - Avalakki)!  Usually answer 'bun's comes on top when there is a question; how to finish off the over ripe bananas at home! These puffed banana poori is favorite of many. Coconut chutney or sambhar makes a perfect combination to it.
I guess you might have already come across many recipes, most of them will have curds or buttermilk. I have tried recipes using with or without curds and both works out great. Now I always stick to the recipe without curds and here I am sharing it. Hence it becomes a part of vegan diet as well!

Banana Buns

Preparation time: 4-5 hrs
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 12-15 buns

Maida / All purpose flour – 1 cup
Wheat flour – 1 cup
Ripe banana(small) – 6-8, big - 3-4, 1.5 cup mashed
Sugar – 2-4 spoons, adjust to taste
Baking/ cooking soda – 1/2  tsp
Jeera  - 1 tsp
Salt – taste
Oil – 2 spoons
Oil – for deep fry

  • Peel off bananas and mash well to bring into a puree texture. 
  • Mix all dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, jeera in a bowl. 
  • Mix them with the banana puree in a large vessel to kneed thoroughly adding 2 spoons of oil and prepare the dough. 
  • Dough should not be too stiff, instead bit soft. If it is sticky add little more wheat flour or if very hard sprinkle little water to adjust. Keep the dough covered for 4-5 hours.
  • Not to worry even if it is more hours. More time, better the quality of buns.
  • After the dough sets well (dough rises), divide the dough into small or medium balls, flatten it by rolling over or by pressing in a roti maker. Remember not to make too thin.
  • Heat oil in a deep frying pan. When it is hot enough then add the buns one at a time and fry by gently pressing with the frying spoon.   Flip it off when puffed up and fry until brown.
  • Serve buns with coconut chutney/ sambhar and a hot cup of coffee/tea.

Mangalore Buns

  • To check the readiness of the frying oil, put a small pinch of dough in it and see if it comes up and floats on oil immediately.
  • Only whole wheat can be used and maida can be completely avoided.
  • Adjusting bananas while making dough is suggested than using water.
Vegan Buns


  1. Thank you uncle. Please try the recipe once!

  2. Excellent. I was worried whether Mangalore buns can be fine without curd... Thanks to clear my confusion

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I understand your doubt as any banana buns recipe has curds in it. But, believe me this bans turns out to be super delicious.


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