Orange Fresh Juice

Who will not like fresh orange juice!? It is a must have in western breakfast or can be consumed anytime throughout a day. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream in this juice will make it richer & tastier too.

When it is homemade, how can one say no to it. In the summer, it is always better to have fresh fruits washed clean & homemade juices. Here is the method to make orange juice at home. Look for my posts on fresh juices here.

Preparation Time: 15 Mins
Serves: 4 Glasses

Oranges – 3-4
Sugar – 8 Spoons (or as per taste), avoid if not required
Water – 3 Glasses
Vanilla Ice-cream (optional)


  • Peel off oranges, Cut from the center to get 2 halves. Remove all the seeds with the knife.
  • Add the Oranges, Sugar and 2 glass of water in the Juicing jar and blend to make the juice. 
  • Strain this in a juice strainer adding remaining water. 
  • Serve fresh with added ice cubes or with a scoop of ice-cream in a glass of juice. 

  • You can use musambi or sweet oranges instead oranges to make musambi juice. Rest of procedure is same.
  • Combination of oranges & sweet oranges (Musambi) work great too.
  • Remember to serve/ drink fresh as orange juice tend to get bitter as time passes.