Lemongrass & Holy Basil (Tulsi) Green Tea

My mother- in-law & my sister catch cold as soon as they are exposed to cold dry weather. They start sneezing, as soon as they wake up in the morning. I prepared this kashaya/ tea and served them when they visited us. The result was impressing with great relief to them. My sister took these herbs to her home and consumed fresh green tea (with refrigerated leaves) for a week on daily basis. Here is the recipe:
Lemongrass leaves (fresh or dry) – 2
Tulsi leaves – 12-15
Water – 2 cups
Honey/ Sugar – 2tsp
Pepper powder – a pinch (optional)

Wash and crush leaves. Add to water in a vessel. Boil well for 3mins. Add pepper powder while boiling. Strain the tea with a strainer. Serve a cup of hot tea with a spoon of honey/ Sugar as desired. It is a best remedy for common cold and cough. 

You can click here for the recipe of Lemongrass green tea which is as good as lemongrass-tulsi kashaya.