Coconut milk extraction

In South Canara/ Mangalore region, many dishes are coconut based. Especially, when it comes to payasa/ kheer, coconut milk is a must. Except ‘haalu payasa’ (milk-rice kheer), any other kheer is prepared with coconut milk. Other than kheer, this delicious creamy milk can be used in preparing soups and curries (specifically in Thailand & other Asian cooking). Kadle bele (gram dal) holige or obbattu tastes heavenly with the same thick coconut milk. The freshly extracted coconut milk always tastes good than ready made one.
Here is a simple way to prepare the same at home. Enjoy, but remember shelf life of this is too short. It can be stored 1-2 days maximum if refrigerated. Usually we take 2-3 extracts of milk from one preparation, in which first extract is thick. Second and third extracts yield thinner coconut milk.  This thin milk can be boiled/ cooked to prepare payasa or curries which need more cooking time. Thick milk shall be added at the end of preparation where in cooking time is very less after its addition.

Recent studies show that, coconut milk has lot of benefits on human health. It is good energy booster, helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. It has antibacterial properties. It is believed and proved that it helps improving milk production in lactating mothers by practical use.

Preparation Time: 20 mins
Yields – 150-200 ml
Fresh Coconut – 1 medium/ 1.5 cups grated coconut
Water – 3 cups
Muslin cloth/ strainer

Pick really fresh coconut (with full of water inside), it should not be very dry. Grate it. In a mixie, blend it to smooth paste by adding little water. Strain using a muslin cloth or strainer. Press it very well to extract milk completely. This is the first extract of coconut milk which is thick. Keep it separately. Usually this is being added at the end while preparing payasa, after which we will not boil it long.
Put the coconut residue/ paste back to blender from strainer. Add 1 cup of water and grind again. Follow the same method as above to extract the 2nd milk. You can repeat the procedure once more to get thinnest coconut milk. 2nd and 3rd extracted milk can be combined. Enrich the taste of your cooking with this fresh coconut milk. Click here for the recipe of Navane/ Foxtail millet payasa.