Indian Borage Tea/ Dodda Patre Extract

This is a well-known home remedy for common cold. Indian Borage is being used for many years in treating cold & cough. The fresh leaves can be crushed and the juice can be applied on forehead and around nostrils in case of mild headache and nasal blockage.  The extract is a good remedy especially for children.

Dodda patre/ Indian Borage leaves – 10
Honey – 1tsp

Pick fresh Dodda patre/ Indian Borage/ Mexican mint leaves. Wash these leaves clean in running water. Take a tadka pan or any clean small pan and heat the leaves until all of them get wilted. Switch off the stove and allow cooling down. Now crush the leaves with clean fingers and squeeze to get the juice of it. 1-2 tsp juice can be extracted from it. Collect the juice in a bowl. Add equal amount of honey to the dodda patre juice. Mix well. Consuming this tea 2 times a day is quick remedy for common cold, cough & fever. Do this on initial days of catching cold.

* Infants of 6 months to 1 year – ¼ tsp
1 - 3 years – ½ tsp
3 - 6 years – 1 tsp
Above 6 years – 5 – 10 ml

*Take precautions and monitor if any side effects such as constipation due to consumption.