Ripe Banana Soup

Yes, you heard it right. It is banana ‘soup’. Even I had the notion that banana can be used only as fruit not in soups. We have grown up eating varieties of dishes prepared from ripe banana such as banana rasayana, payasa, halwa, buns, guliyappa (suttavu) and so on. But in 2008, the time we were living in Germany, visited a friend in Austria. We stayed in the house of an elderly German couple who’s the retired professor of Bremen University. A week well spent with them tasting amazing western cuisines including Banana soup, Avocado soup and many more. The lunch at ‘Salat Bar’ (literal translation is Salad Bar) of Graz, Austria is an unforgettable experience. I am sharing the recipe for Banana Soup in this post.

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Serves: 2
Ripe Banana – 2 small/ 1 medium
Milk – 2 cups
Nutmeg powder - ¼ tsp
Pepper powder – ¼ tsp (As per taste)
Salt – to taste
Chopped Almond, cashews – 1 tsp
Lemon juice – ¼ tsp
Dried basil powder – ¼ tsp (optional)

Peel Banana and puree it with the help of a mixer grinder. Mix it with 2 cups of milk and bring to boil. Add pepper and nutmeg powder and allow boiling. Switch off the stove once the soup boils well. Add lemon juice, salt and mix well. Sprinkle basil powder. Dry roast almond, cashew pieces and garnish the soup with it before serving.