Surinam Cherry/ Pitanga Juice

We have a plant, which we bought as cherry and planted about 3 years back. Plant started flowering in a time span of 1 year after planting it. We did not know what to name it and how to use it other than eating fresh fruit. The edible berries taste very different, which are combination of all the tastes sour, bitter and sweet! It has a strong aroma which may create discomfort in sensitive individuals. Then I did little research on this searching in google and found the name and bit of information on this. It is Surinam cherry and sources say the fruit is rich in Vitamin C and A. Fruits are used as flavouring agent in jam & jellies.
Botanical name: Eugenia uniflora
Other names: Brazilian cherry, Cayenne cherry...

Here is the recipe for fresh juice.

Well ripe Surinam Cherry/ Pitanga – 4
Water – 1 glass
Honey – 2 tsp

Wash the cherries carefully and squeeze the delicate fruits well to collect the pulp in a bowl. Add a glass of water and strain the juice with a strainer to the serving glass. Press the pulp while straining to get the juice completely. Add honey to the juice and mix well. Serve with ice cubes.


  1. colorful fruit.. have you tried pickling it? raita? rasam?

    1. Thank you Shwetha, yet to try different recipes out of it. We have a small plant and get few fruits. Tried only this juice so far.

    2. By chance, have you tried this fruit?

  2. Thank you so much.. Glad you liked it!


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