Banana Papaya smoothie

Banana & Papaya are two rich fruits, easily available throughout the year and a very good / healthy addition to our diet anytime during a day.

Banana is a very nutritious fruit loaded with carbohydrates, fibres, vitamins C, B6, minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper manganese, fat and more. It is easy to carry banana as a snack while travelling or to school as it is safely covered by skin.
Papaya is another fruit of choice for a healthier diet due to the amazing nutrients found in it. It aids digestion, has healing property and it is good for healthier heart. This fruit is a better choice for diabetics.  
So Smoothie or milkshake prepared with these two fruits is a great food to start your day.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2

Well ripened papaya – 6 pieces (1inch cube)
Banana – 1 big (robusta)/ 2 medium (any small variety), sliced
Milk – 1 glass (100ml)
Fresh curds/yogurt – 4 spoons (optional)
Sugar/honey for sweetness
Cardamom powder (optional)
Any nuts/dry fruits – 1 spoon (chopped)
Breakfast cereals – 1 spoon(optional)

Take the pieces of fruits (banana and papaya) in a mixer grinder jar , grind to smooth paste. Add all other ingredients like milk, curds, sugar, nuts, spice, cereals to the same jar and blend to mix well. Serve fresh in a glass chilled. The crunchiness of the cereals and nuts in the milkshake makes it nice and tasty. It can be a perfect healthy desert after light lunch or soothing, fresh drink when you come back home in sunny days.

Note: It is important to serve this smoothie fresh. Milkshake/ lassi which has papaya tastes best when fresh and it will not be very tasty after sometime.