Pathrode/ Pathrade


Pathrode is basically prepared with colocasia leaves, rice with the combination of spices. It used to be a seasonal delicacy of Coastal Karnataka as colocasia leaves were available only during monsoon season. These days, one can prepare it any time in a year with the availability of hybrid varieties of colocasia leaves. Pathrode can be prepared with other greens such as Moringa (drumstick leaves), Carrot/ radish/ beetroot greens, Cabbage… Here is a recipe with mixed greens such as colocasia, Ondelaga (Brahmi/ Centella asiatica), Drumstick leaves…
As this dish is rich in carbohydrates (rice) and other essential nutrients such as vitamins,minerals, dietary fiber (as loaded with green leaves) ... it is best suited for breakfast. 

Colocasia/ Kesuvina ele

We have a variety of centella, leaves of which are thick. It has a mild bitter taste. So it is suggested to use these leaves along with other greens such as drumstick greens, elevarige (vitamin soppu) etc…
Here is the recipe for the pathrode that I prepared recently with mixed green leaves and it tasted good too.


Preparation time: 20-30 mins
Cooking time: 40 mins
Serves: 6 medium sized pathrode (4 servings)
White rice – 2 cups
Red rice/ Boiled rice/ Kuchilakki – 2 cups
Colocasia leaves – 4-5 (large), chopped leaves – 2 cups
Brahmi/ Centella – 1 cup
Elevarige leaves / Vitamin soppu – 1 cup
Moringa/ Drumstick leaves/ Nugge soppu – ½ - 1 cup
Dry Red chillis – 5-6 (As per taste)
Coriander seeds – 1 tbsp
Tamarind – lemon sized
Jaggery – Medium orange sized (4 tbsp)
Salt – to taste (1 tbsp)
Banana leaves – 6-7 (medium)
Steamer – to cook
Note: You can use green leaves of your choice, need not add all the leaves mentioned here. Proportion should be equal quantity of leaves as rice or little more of leaves.

  • Wash both the rice & soak in water for 4-5 hours.
  • Pick green leaves, clean and wash well drain water. Chop them all coarsely.
  • Wash banana leaves clean and wipe with a cloth. Wilt all the banana leaves by keeping on low flame. Keep aside.
  • Wash soaked rice, drain water. Grind rice, red chillis, tamarind, coriander seeds, jaggery and salt in a mixer coarsely. Do not make it too fine paste. Little water can be sprinkled while grinding, but not much!
  • Mix ground mixture, with the chopped leaves properly. If the batter looks too runny, little rice flour can be added.

  • Now, keep the steamer ready with the water.
  • Spread all the banana leaves on flat surface.
  • Divide and drop the batter (rice-leaves mix) on each banana leaf evenly and fold as we do while preparing cucumber kadubu (kottige). Do not make them too flat.
  • Place them in the steamer and cook for 30-40 minutes.
  • Pathrode can be served with coconut oil & pickles when warm. One should not miss Pathrode seasoning after cooling them down completely. Please find recipe of seasoning of Pathrode or Pathrode oggarane here.