Process of cleaning and cooking fresh bamboo shoots

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Today I am here with a post on bamboo shoot or kanile. I would like to share the Process of cleaning and cooking fresh bamboo shoots as it is quite trickier to use them fresh in cooking. It is easy to use the processed & tinned kanile, but the taste of using fresh kanile in cooking is worth the effort.

Bamboo shoots/ Kanile is tender edible shoots of few bamboo varieties. It starts sprouting when the bushes are watered. So usually bamboo shoots are available in monsoon season, whereas it can be harvested anytime throughout the year by watering the bamboo plants. These are used for cooking in many parts of India, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam and more countries. They have a unique taste with the crunchiness of cooked shoot which makes them to be the favourite of many. Bamboo shoots go well in variety of food items such as palya, sambhar, pickles, soups, bisibele bhath and many more…
It is known that, raw bamboo shoots contain natural toxins which are destroyed by cooking or boiling. So it is important to cook well before using bamboo shoots for cooking. I follow a method of boiling the cut pieces of bamboo shoots couple of times and draining the water completely. This is the method followed by my mother and mother-in-law.
Now let’s come to the main phase of choosing and using the bamboo shoot.
Pick fresh bamboo shoots which will be 1.5 to 2 ft in length.

Remove all the outer dark skins covered, which is not edible. The inner core which is the edible part will be creamy yellow in colour and it will look as shown in the image below.

In this, we will find 2 parts, softer edible core and hard nodes in between. The nodes which are soft and can be cut using a knife can be used in cooking.
Make thin slices by cutting the softer portions and discard the hard part (nodes). Slices or cubes are fine for curries or sambhar. Chop finely if you are using them in stir fry or palya or in pickle. 

Cooking or boiling:
Take the pieces in a vessel, add required water to cover them completely and cook in medium flame for 4-5 minutes (after it starts boiling). By now, the water will turn to yellow. Discard water and, boil once again by adding fresh water. Discard this water too. Now the bamboo shoots (kanile) are cooked and ready to use in your delicacy.


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