Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot is a nutritious root vegetable which is fat free and is low in calories. The natural color makes the dishes made out of it very attractive too. Though the GI (Glycaemic index) of beetroot is average and glucose is released slowly, there is a lot of confusion and many nutritionists advise to avoid this veggie in case of diabetics. I feel that, it is always better to consume all the vegetables moderately and need not avoid any unless the condition is very critical.
The hard texture of beetroot makes it perfect for desserts such as halwa & kheer. Here is a recipe of beetroot halwa, which I have made using khova which is an optional ingredient. Except the effort of grating beetroot, it is easy to make.

Preparation & cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4-6
Grated beetroot – 2 cups, 2 – 3 fresh medium beetroots
Sugar - ¾ -1 cup, adjust to taste
Unsweetened Khoya/ Khova/ fresh milk cream – 2-3 tbsp (optional)
Milk (Full fat) - ¼ - ½ cup
Chopped dry fruits/ nuts – 2-3 tsp
Ghee – 2-3 tsp

  • Wash, peel beetroot and grate it. Keep the gratings aside.
  • Take a thick bottomed pan/ wok. Add 1 tsp ghee and grated beetroot. Fry for 2 minutes.
  • Add milk. Cook in medium flame until milk is absorbed completely.  
  • Add sugar and stir & mix frequently adding remaining ghee as required.
  • Press the khova (optional) with fingers to crumble it. Add to halwa and mix well
  • Switch off the stove when the halwa starts leaving the sides of the pan. It will take 5-10 minutes (max) after adding sugar. Addition of khova is optional.
  • Transfer to the serving bowl. Garnish with chopped roasted nuts and serve hot halwa.

  • You can avoid the use of milk and only khova/ fresh milk cream (malai) can also be used. In that case, fry beetroot for 4-5 minutes with a tsp of ghee by sprinkling little water if required. Add sugar and crumbled khova. Halwa will taste good this way too.
  • Reduce the quantity of sugar if not using khova. Adjust as required.
  • This halwa tastes great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.