Okra raita/ Bendekai mosaru gojju/ Lady’s finger in spiced curds

Okra/ Lady’s finger is a very healthy green vegetable which is nutritionally rich. With high content of fibre it is good for digestion and helps in curing constipation. Naturally it cools body heat too. It is rich in vitamins & iron. It is believed that okra is good for diabetics, it regulates blood pressure and also controls obesity. Check for the recipe of Ladies’ finger dry fry in microwave/ microwaved okra/ bendekai here.
How do you feel/ like if this vegetable is combined with curds or yogurt? It really tastes great when fried with little oil & added to curds. Now, let us go for detailed recipe.

Okra raita

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves: 3
Tender lady’s fingers/ okra/ bendekai – 10-12
Fresh curds – 1.5 cup
Salt - to taste
Green chillis – 1 -2 (adjust to taste)
Chat masala – ¼ tsp (optional), add only if you like the flavour
Oil – 3-4 tsp
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Cumin seeds – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Dry red chilli -1

  • Wash okra and dry with a clean kitchen towel.
  • Chop cleaned okra into thin pieces.
  • Add oil to a pan, heat and prepare a seasoning of mustard, cumin, broken red chilli & curry leaves.
  • On spluttering add slit green chillis & chopped okra. Sprinkle salt and fry on medium flame until okra is cooked. Taste enhances if fried until it becomes little crispier.
  • Take curds in a serving bowl. Sprinkle chat masala & little salt if needed.
  • Add fried okras with seasoning to the curd at the time of serving. Serve this with rice or paratha.

  • Sasive can also be prepared by adding ground coconut (¼ cup) & mustard (1 tsp) paste to the curds.
  • Chilli powder/ garam masala can be added in place of chat masala. Or you can eliminate this step.
  • It can be garnished with chopped coriander leaves as well.
  • Adjust the spice levels according to your taste.
  • Adding fried vegetable at the time of serving enhances the taste instead of premixing.
  • You can use the microwave method to fry okras for raita

Bendekai mosaru gojju