Khus root/ Vetiver infused water/ Lavancha Neeru

Before starting this post I have a question to you! Have you ever heard of this name Khus /khas root/ Vetiver/ Lavancha (kannada) or even few call it Ramacha? I am sure you must have tried it sometime in your life with or without knowledge. This particular herb scientifically referred as Chrysopogon zizanioides (Name Courtesy: Wikipedia) is an evergreen perennial tropical grass resembles Lemon grass. It is largely found in Asian countries India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Thailand… 
The main part of this plant used in medicine and cooking is root which is branched, aromatic and grows really deep & dense. It has earthy flavor and is highly used in cosmetic industry in making of perfumes & soaps. Baby soaps have this as main ingredient as it is useful in maintaining baby skin! The root extract or essential oil is also used as flavoring agent in juice, syrup, soups and other beverages.  Dried roots are added while boiling drinking water in order to infuse the flavor & goodness. This was the practice, our parents & grand-parents had for many years. They used to add various herbs/ spices (like cumin, pepper, tulsi, Lavancha, catechu/ kaachi, cardamom & many more) in drinking water which we used to enjoy without digging deep into the benefits. Now, we understand the values of it which works great in hydrating us with the taste and flavor along with other health benefits. 
Khus root/ vetiver is known for its cooling property and it is also a gret remedy for nervous system issues. It works as anti-bacterial, anti-depressant by using externally or orally. It is used in aroma therapy and for controlling pests & insects. We used to keep few roots in wardrobes which had multiple uses by working as natural air freshener (cloths used to smell good &fresh) & as pest controller. The essential oil works as pain reliever too. It is believed to be useful in lactating mothers. Other than these uses, vetiver/ lavancha roots are used as natural body scrub, in making hand fan, mats & slippers too. Sounds interesting? Then start with this water, you will start liking it.

Vetiver infused water

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Process of harvesting & preserving the roots:
The plants are uprooted to harvest fresh roots and then separated by cutting only roots leaving small part of it attached to the grass for next plantation. It is washed with clean water to remove the mud and then sun dried for couple of days. The dried roots can be stored in an air tight container for few years without any problem.
In our last visit to native place, I got these roots & a plant of lavancha from my father in law.

Khus khus root water
Dry roots & plant

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Dry Khus / lavancha roots - 2-3 strands of 4 inches long
Water – 2 litres

  • Wash dried roots with clean water and crush a bit using a mortar & pestle or with fingers. Don’t overdo it.
  • Add it the water and bring to boil.
  • Keep aside covering with a lid until it comes to room temperature.
  • Drink this flavoured water as and when needed.
  • It is suggested to avoid this root in case of pregnancy.
  • Consult a doctor if any serious illness or before taking any herbal remedy as medicine.
Lavancha Neeru

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