Kaadu mavina hannina Hasi gojju/ Chandrupuli/ Ripe wild mango gojju without cooking

Summer is incomplete without variety of mango & jack fruit dishes! If you are born & brought up in coastal/ malnad region of Karnataka, then it must be a nostalgic feeling when someone discusses about these! Specifically if you are from a village & have a farm, then there must be few trees of wild mango to bring your childhood memory back! In our case, there used to be too many runs in a day to collect those juicy fibrous small wild mangoes with cousins who used to spend summer vacation together…

After the entire above story, I should introduce the dish in today’s post to you. Wild mangoes when tender are generally used in pickles making and on ripening those are highly used in cooking apart from eating! They give a nice flavor & taste to the dish prepared. Main dishes made out of them are Sasive, saaru/ stew, juice, beyisida (cooked) gojju and hasi (uncooked) gojju which I am going to write today. It is very easy and quick to make as there is no cooking involved than just a tempering required. So in few minutes, this side dish is ready if fresh mangoes available. Unlike regular mangoes, these are seen green in color even if it is ripe and they will have fibrous pulp. 

Wild mangoes generally will have mixed taste of sweet & sour. So jaggery should be added as required while making it. If fruit is very sweet, then not much jaggery is needed. Otherwise it will require more to get desired taste.

Ripe wild mango gojju without cooking

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4
Wild ripe mangoes/ sakkare kutti – 6 – 8, depending on the thickness of pulp & sourness
Salt – 1 tsp
Water – 2-3 glasses, adjust as required
Jaggery – small orange sized
Green chillis – 1-2, adjust as required
Coconut oil – 2 tsp
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
  • Wash mangoes, cut stalk and peel the fruit skin with your fingers.  Check for worms and if anything found, discard that fruit.
  • Separate skin and seed and take all the fruit skin in one vessel and seed in another.
  • Add little water to the container having the mango skin. Squeeze to extract the juice completely and throw away the remaining skin.
  • Add the extracted juice to the container with the seeds. Press & squeeze the seeds to loosen the pulp to some extent.
  • Add salt and grated jaggery to this and press slit green chillis into it in order to infuse the spiciness.
  • Combine everything well, set aside for 5-10 minutes to blend all the tastes.
  • Prepare a seasoning/ tadka/ oggarane of mustard, coconut oil & curry leaves and add to the gojju.
  • Serve this as side dish with rice and you may need extra rice to have!
Wild mango Chandrupuli

  • Refrigerate this gojju if keeping for longer hours
  • This gojju can be boiled to get a different taste. In this case, it may require more jaggery.
  • Care must be taken while eating mango dishes if individual is hyper acidic.
Kaadu mavina hannina Hasi gojju