Beetroot Milkshake

Hello readers, this is October and it is breast cancer awareness month! So let us all join our hands to spread the words & hence contribute a bit for this health campaign. Every woman should undergo regular health checks & educate oneself about it!
So it is month of ‘Pink’, here is a simple recipe of beetroot milkshake.
Beetroot is a rich dark pink  pigmented root vegetable which is nutritionally rich, in specific iron rich. It can be used in curries, salads, kheer, halwa and in simple milkshake/ lassi (sweet & flavored yogurt). Now let us look at this calcium & iron rich drink both nutrients are very important in maintaining woman’s health in good condition.

Pink Milkshake

Total time: 15 minutes
Serves: 1 glass
Beetroot – 2 tbsp, grated or finely chopped
Chilled Milk – 1 glass
Sugar – 2 tsp
  • Wash, peel off beetroot and grate or chop finely.
  • Cook the chopped beetroot with ¼ cup of water and milk (equal proportion) until beetroot cooked soft. If not cooked properly with this water & milk, add more water.
  • Once cooked switch off the stove and allow cooling.
  • Now take cooked beetroot, chilled milk and sugar in a juice making jar or blender, blend well to make smooth milkshake.
  • Serve chilled with added ice cubes optionally.
Beet Milkshake

  • Optionally, you can add rose essence or gulkand to get enriched rose flavor in this pink drink.
  • Cardamom can also be used to spice up this drink.
  • You can sieve this drink after blending to avoid any beetroot chunk, which I don’t do.
Beetroot Milkshake