Gulab Jamoon with rabri/ rabdi/ Jamoon soaked in sweet condensed milk

Gulab jamoon is one of evergreen desserts originated in Indian subcontinent and very popular in other Asian countries too. It is generally loved by all age groups and handy in making them when jamoon mix/ flour is ready. So it is most popular among party dishes too. There is another reason for its popularity as it tastes great either hot or chilled and it blends well as combination with ice cream when jamoon served it hot. Here is one such combination, which is nothing but jamoon served with chilled rabri or rabdi. This is a delicious twist to the regular jamoon.
Rabri is another Indian sweet dish made with full fat milk which is so generic, can be consumed as it is or it can be added as main ingredient to make other sweets such as shahi tukda/ bread pudding, rasmalai. This rabri will make best kulfi on freezing!
Now let’s come to the recipe part. I am not focusing on making of jamoon here, which can be easily followed by the ready jamoon mix. I did the same!

Gulab Jamoon in rabdi

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30-40 minutes
Serves: 4
Gulab jamoons – 10-12, Soaked & removed from sugar syrup
Milk – ¾ ltr
Sugar – 4-6 tsp, or adjust as required as jamoon has sugar in it
Saffron – 1 pinch
Rose gulkand/ essence – few drops if using essence. I used 1 tsp homemade gulkand
Chopped nuts (pista & almond) – for garnishing
Corn flour – 1 tsp (optional)

  • Follow the instructions as mentioned in the jamoon mix pack to make gulab jamoons. Keep the jamoons ready. If you have your recipe of jamoon making from scratch, then follow it.
  • Now, keep milk to boil in a heavy vessel, stirring it occasionally.  Clear the sides using the spatula in between.
  • When it starts boiling, add in sugar & continue to boil.  Add saffron/ gulkand and mix well.
  • If using corn flour, then dissolve it in 2-3 tsp of milk or water in room temperature and add it to the boiling milk. After adding it, you need to stir continuously in order to avoid formation of lumps. Adding corn flour saves time in thickening of milk.
  • If not using corn flour, then boil until milk thickens and reduces almost to half the initial quantity.
  • When rabri reaches the right consistency, switch off the stove. Allow cooling.
  • For better taste, chill the rabri in refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
  • Serving: In a serving bowl, add 3-4 tbsp of rabri and 2-3 gulab jamoons.
  • Garnish with chopped nuts, dry rose petals or saffron and serve.
Jamoon soaked in sweet condensed milk

  • Jamoon can be served with hot rabri too. I like the taste when chilled.
  • It is suggested to add jamoons to rabri just before serving so that the shape and structure of jamoon remains intact.
  • You can adjust the sugar level in rabri as you like. Add sugar thoughtfully, as jamoon is sweet already.
Gulab Jamoon with rabri