Pomelo fresh juice/ Chakota hannina sherbet

I don’t think this largest fruit of citrus family named chakota/ chakotra (hindi) or sihi kanchi needs no much explanation as it is widely seen in Asia. Though it is closely related to grapefruit, it tastes bit different & sweeter. There are two varieties of pomelo or citrus maxima (scientific name), red and white. White variety is usually sour, used in juice, pickles or lemon rice. The red one is sweet which is commonly used in salads or used to eat as it is.

Though I have seen and eaten chakota so many times, I never thought of making juice of it. It came to my mind to make juice out of it when I got a large fruit from my maternal uncle recently. It was juicy and tasty but while eating we used to get some hard pieces in the edible part of it. So tried making this attractive juice, which was not only tasty but very refreshing. I ended up finishing the whole fruit by making juice continuous for 2-3 days. To my surprise, it hadn’t imparted any bitterness as I imagined as in case of orange juice. This nutritionally rich citrus fruit makes an excellent addition to our regular diet.

Try this simple yet refreshing healthy drink next time when you have a pomelo in hand.

Pomelo fresh juice

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Serves: 3-4


Pomelo flesh/ endocarp – 2 cups (without white membrane)

Water – 2.5 glasses

Sugar – 4 -5 tsp (optional), you can use your choice of sweetener

Juice strainer



Clean pomelo. That is peel off the outer thick skin (exocarp) and discard. Remove thin white membrane covering the juicy flesh too. Use only the red juicy part.

Take the cleaned fruit in a juice making mixer jar, add sugar and 1 glass of water. Blend well and strain the juice using a strainer. Use remaining 1.5 glasses of water while straining the juice to extract the fruit juice completely.

Transfer to the serving glass and serve with added ice cubes optionally.



It is always suggested to finish off citrus fruit juices fresh as they may turn bitter as time passes.

Chakota hannina sherbet