Environment & Gardening

This page is all about Nature, Gardening & being Environment Friendly.
It is dedicated to all the gardening/ green enthusiasts. Gardening is my hobby since childhood and I personally consider it as healthiest habit to have! It is challenging to pursue this passion in urban life due to space/ time constraint.  Still it is not impossible to create at least a small green space even in small living place. It can be outdoor or indoor. Selection of suitable plant and idea is important.
I love to learn & explore anything new related to farming and gardening. It can be flowers, food & vegetables or even commercial crops. The environment in which I grew had a very positive influence on this as my father is a good agriculturist. He is a hard worker and treats farming as a kid. The family I entered after marriage is again of same background and my father in law is a self-worker and believes in sustainability. So culturally I did not feel any difference! Going forward, I would like to share my trials, ideas, practical experience & learning in the field of gardening. Hope you will enjoy reading this! Also I will be uploading few scenes from our garden.

Today being World Environment DayI wish all my readers best. Love nature, live healthy!

Few tips that I would like to share for sustainable living are,
  1. Try to create green space in any situation you are in! It can be joint & collective work with near & dear ones.
  2. Use natural resources wisely. Save water, harvest rainwater.
  3. Save energy by using them thoughtfully.
  4. Try to reduce the usage of plastic to maximum extent you can. Join your hands to reduce environment pollution.
  5. Reduce the use of harmful & artificial chemical substances such as cleaning agents which spoils our environment. These include chemical air freshener & cleaning agents. Instead try using natural items. Example can be using fragrant flowers such as jasmine, rose, champa as fresheners.
  6. Reduce using packaged foods as much as possible. Stop being indulge buyer, minimize buying non essentials!
  7. Manage waste wisely with the effort to segregate. Convert biologically degradable kitchen wastes to fertilizer to grow your green space! Trust Basket Trustbin (Set of Two 14 Ltrs Bins)-Indoor Compost Bin for Converting All Kinds of Kitchen Food Waste Into Fertilizer is a great idea to use...
Ultimately, my humble message is, let us save this earth for our next generation! It is better late than never.


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