Home remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Today, I am focusing on a very common but painful condition called mouth ulcers. I know how difficult it is to cope with this situation and people will definitely seek for easy home remedies. 
Mouth ulcers are usually reddish sores those appear inside mouth or on tongue. Person with this feel very uncomfortable while eating, drinking and even while speaking! The pain felt anytime during day or night. There may be dryness of lips and mouth. These might have occurred due to body heat or any medication side effects or other health conditions.  
Reason behind this post is to list out some very common tips which are in practice. Here you find:
1.     Consume more liquids including water, Tender coconut, Fresh fruit juices, and buttermilk.

Fresh juice

2.     Avoid or reduce intake of coffee/ tea and spicy food.
3.     Cool body by having more salads, cucumber or juicy fruits such as watermelon.
4.     Oil pulling: Take 1-2 spoons of pure coconut oil, and rinse your mouth with it for about 10 minutes. Spit it out and wash your mouth with fresh water or leave it. It will be more effective if you do it as first thing in the morning after brushing your teeth. It cleanses mouth, improves total oral health, and whitens teeth as coconut oil has strong antibacterial property.
5.     Honey: Consume 1 tsp of pure honey for 3-4 days (1 time a day). Apply honey on the ulcer using your finger tip or tongue. Honey is rich in vitamin B. If you feel burning sensation, add/mix little ghee with honey.
6.     Guava leaves: Chew 3-4 tender leaves of guava plant if you have access and you can either swallow or spit. You can also prepare tambuli out of this. 
7.     Malabar Spinach/ Basale soppu:  Chew 1-2 basale soppu/ Malabar spinach leaves. It has good cooling property.

8.     Jaaji mallige/ Jasminum polyanthum leaves: Botanical name of Jaaji is Jasminum polyanthum.  I found this as a very effective remedy for mouth ulcer. Chew 2 tender leaves and repeat 2-3 times a day. It reduces the pain associated with mouth ulcers. Also you will feel freshness of mouth after doing it.

Jaaji mallige

9.     Fenugreek seed Tambuli: It cools body. Click here for the recipe.
10. Ixora flower (wild): Chewing few flowers and consuming the juice is very impressive medicine in curing mouth ulcers. One can prepare tambuli from this too. Click to view recipe of wild ixora tambuli.

Wild ixora flower

Note:  It is suggested to consult oral health practitioner in case of other serious health condition.