Kudane Sasive/ Turkey berry in mild mustard flavored gravy

Kudane / Turkey berry is a wild vegetable belonging to brinjal or eggplant family. These tiny berries are believed to be nutritionally rich and to have numerous health benefits. As the plants are grown naturally without chemicals, that adds more values in the current situation amidst the commercially grown vegetables which is not chemically free most of the time. Having one plant of turkey betty in the backyard gives you sufficient harvest.

This time I tried creamy, mildly spiced sasive (coconut gravy with mustard flavor) which is sweetish with added goodness of Kudane/ Turkey berries. It was very delicious & perfect for the summer heat. It goes great with boiled rice and some palya/ stirfried vegetables.

Kudane Sasive or Turkey berry in mild mustard flavored gravy

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Now let us check today's recipe of delicious & creamy Kudane Sasive!

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2-3


Turkey berries – ½ cup or little less

Grated coconut – ¼ cup

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Dry Red chilli – 1 (as per taste)

Salt - to taste

Jaggery – 1-2 tsp, adjust as per liking

Fresh curds/ buttermilk – ½ cup

Oil – 1 tsp, used coconut oil

Optional Seasoning – mustards, curry leaves, oil (1 tsp), I don’t add tadka/ seasoning usually in this curry


  • Clean kudane/ turkey berries after removing stalks. Wash clean.
  • Heat a pan/ wok on medium flame.
  • Add 1 tsp oil and cleaned berries.
  • Fry on low or medium flame until they are soft/ cooked and light brown. Keep aside to cool down.
  • Meanwhile, grind fresh grated coconut, mustard seeds (1tsp), 1 dry red chilli using a mixer grinder to very smooth & creamy paste. Transfer this to a serving bowl.
  • Add salt, jaggery powder (grated jaggery) and mix well until dissolved and combined.
  • Add beaten curds (don’t overdo)/ thick buttermilk to the gravy.
  • Add fried turkey berries/ kudane and combine everything well.
  • Serve fresh with steamed rice or refrigerate if serving later.
  • This tastes great when fresh (half day refrigerated).


Kudane Sasive


  • Optionally you can add wilted methi leaves in this, the combination is really good. If using the leaves, add handful of cleaned methi/ fenugreek leaves to the pan after half frying the berries. It won’t take much time to get wilted.
Turkey berry in mild mustard flavored gravy