Khus flavored lemonade/ Lavancha nimbe hannu Sharbat/ Vetiver lemon juice

Khus root/ vetive/ Lavancha or Ramacham (Malayalam) is a magical herb having number of health benefits. Though it is well known in India and other Asian countries, it is not too popular in other countries! When I mentioned that it is a magical herb, I meant it and it is because this specific herb is not only good to our health but also growing this helps the ‘Earth’ in many way. The root structure of this grass helps in retaining rain water for good amount of time and hence helpful in recharging water source when it rains. It prevents soil erosion and supports in filtering water which results in pure water bodies. It controls pests in the farm naturally to some extent.
When coming to human health it is natural coolant, which brings down body heat to normal level. It hydrates body and satisfies one’s thirst on drinking this herb infused water. It is beneficial in burning urination and other burning sensation because of acidity. I learnt from a friend, who is an Ayurvedic practitioner that it also works as remedy for fever. The aroma of this root has the capacity of mood relaxation. It is good for the health of hair and skin by using orally or externally.
Today I am sharing a recipe of making lemonade with the lavancha infused water. This is perfect to keep ourselves cool during hot summer which has made its entry! When I made this for the first time last week I liked the flavor very much. I wasn’t aware that in Kerala, people make the concentrate / squash of this water with sugar and keep it handy to make the juice as and when needed! I learnt about this when my blogger friend Shri Kripa mentioned about it couple of days back. Thanks akka for letting me know about this.

Please note that you can use freshly prepared khus infused water with dry roots or you can use Khus / lavancha water concentrate.

Khus flavored lemonade

Preparation time: 10 minutes, if infused water is ready
Serves: 2
Lavancha/ khus root infused water – 2 glasses, click here to know about this 
Sugar/ jaggery/ honey – as required
Lemon juice – 2 tsp (of 1 lemon)
Salt - a pinch (optional)
Ice cubes – 4 (optional)

  • In a mixer juice jar, take infused water, sweetener, lemon juice & salt if using. Blend it so that everything combines well to make the lemonade.
  • Transfer the juice to serving glass and serve with added ice cubes optionally.
  • Enjoy this healthy natural cool drink to stay hydrated and relaxed.
Lavancha nimbe hannu Sharbat

  • To make plain lemonade, use plain water instead of infused water.
  • This way you can get various flavors in your juice.
  • You can use khus infused water or 5 ml of pure Khus essential water + 2 glasses of water
Vetiver lemon juice


  1. Looks nice..must be very tasty too.

    1. Thank you so much Malatte.. It is very tasty & flavorful. Please try this sometimes when you get the root.


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