Raw Mango mint sweet & tangy Juice/ Pudina Mavinakai Sharbat

Hello dear blog readers, 
I am back after a long summer vacation. What’s up with you? Hope you all had a happy & healthy summer. Summer is getting over and this was a harsh summer as temperature was really high & there were not many rain showers. Best thing is summer is the season of Mangoes & jack fruits. & before the season ends try this amazing tasty sweet & tangy juice made of raw mango.
This recipe is easier and different when compared to Aam panna (boiled mango juice)! It is an ideal recipe to quench thirst & stay oneself hydrated. Mango works as appetizer because of its sour taste and it makes you hungry. So hurry, if you have half mango in your refrigerator then just chop & blend with few simple ingredients to make this juice and serve chilled. This juice does not require boiling and it has no complicated procedure, yet turns out to be very tasty.

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4 glasses
Raw mango – ½ (of medium mango),I used totapuri or ginimoothi variety
Sugar – 4-5 tsp, adjust to taste
Fresh Mint leaves – 1 tsp chopped/ 4 tips
Salt – a pinch
Chat masala/ Jal jeera powder – ¼ tsp (optional)
Water – 4 glasses
Few ice cubes (optional)

  • Wash mango and chop into small pieces.
  • Take mango pieces in a mixer jar (juice making).
  • Add mint leaves, sugar, chat masala & salt.
  • Add water as required. Blend to make smooth paste.
  • Strain using a juice strainer. If large chunks of mangoes are found, then blend once again adding some water. Extract the juice completely.
  • Transfer the juice to serving glasses and serve chilled with added ice cubes.
  • Variations possible while making this juice by adding roasted cumin powder instead of chat masala.
  • Cardamom flavored juice can be made in place of mint & chat masala. It tastes great too.
  • I used totapuri mango. If you are using other varieties which are tangier then adjust the quantity of mango to your taste.
  • Peel off the skin if it is bitter in taste.