Shishira Rutucharya and Ruthu sandhi kaala

Dear Reader,

If you have come across our posts on rutucharya, I have last posted about ‘Hemanta Rutu’ which was the last Rutu of Dakshinayana. Shishira being the first rutu of Uttarayana and it is in fact the last two months of winter. Cold & dryness intensified here. In southern part of India, the characteristics of this rutu, ‘Shishira’ is not too different from the previous rutu ‘Hemanta’. The regimens (lifestyle & food habits) to be followed in this season remain similar to that of Hemanta Rutu with intense way.

At this moment, we thought of focusing on the current happenings and the challenges that we have in front of us. Let us all think over, behave thoughtfully, listen to the authority and fight against #Corona/ #Covid19.

This period comes under Rutu Sandhi Kaala (last few days of Shishira. To be noted, Vasanta rutu will begin from Ugadi). Today is Trayodashi (22 March 2020), which is very near to Amavasya, which is again a Sandhi kaala, wherein Krishna paksha is changing into Shukla paksha. According to Astrology and Ayurveda, Sandhi kaala in time zone is said to be very very crucial for human life in terms of their effects on health. During sandhi kala, body strength/ immune power is less and body weakly fights against sudden change overs may be in climate or bodily activities. Negative energy/ microbial activities will be more during this period. Hence the sound vibrations (shankha or ghanta nada (bell), chanting, clapping) and the smoke (homa dhooma) which can spread very fast in air over several kilometres distance will effectively purify/ disinfect the air... Therefore these practices are very scientific and aim at safeguarding community health.

Note: Above mentioned information (Rutucharya & Ayurveda practices) belongs to Dr. Soumya Bhat. M.D. (Ayu). Complete credit goes to her.

Not only these, everyone should follow few basic guidelines & etiquette as below:
  • Please do not crowd & visit crowded places.
  • Avoid unnecessary travels. If travel is unavoidable, then stay away from unknown people as much as possible. Focus on personal hygiene.
  • Do not ignore any major / minor illness including common cold, cough. Isolation or staying away from other family members is must if sick.
  • Eat healthy food/ drink more liquids & stay hydrated.
  • Take care of elderly and kids with utmost care.
  • I request everyone, please stop any celebration with more people gathered.
  • Meditation & healthy breathing practices, Yoga, activities like gardening are recommended (again without many people around)
  • Have quality time with family, focus on self-development, focus saving natural resources.
  • Please remain/ stay where ever you are if there is no emergency.

Wish you all very good health and happiness.