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Ayurveda is an ancient system of lifestyle & treatment.  As per my understanding it majorly focuses on preventive method over curative. Of course, there are medicines to cure diseases too. Ayurveda & natural healing is originated from Indian subcontinent which is spread across the world now.  Many of us (Indians) grown up in a traditional environment must have linked to ayurvedic lifestyle in some way.   Be it in our food or lifestyle or medicine.
I have a strong inclination towards Ayurveda & Natural living since my childhood. The environment which I born and brought up was supportive to that as the place I lived is in the midst of nature. We are still putting our effort to grow at least small green space around us in the urban living. It gives us so much pleasure to grow and eat local at least to some extent!
Now, I would like to introduce my friend & neighbour Dr. Soumya Bhat, who is M. D. in Ayurveda and passionate about preventive medicine. With her help, I am sharing a concept of Ayurveda called ‘Rutucharya – Seasonal regimen’ with you all.  Ayurveda has a set of rules, dos & don’ts to follow depending on the seasonal changes.

An introduction to Rutucharya

According to Ayurveda, our day -to -day practices are directly linked with on goings of nature. It may be climate, diurnal variations, change of seasons and so on…
Rutucharya is one such concept that has been vividly described in Ayurvedic classics. According to Hindu calendar, a year (Samvatsar) comprises of 6 seasons (rutus) each having 2 months (maasa) in it. A Samvatsar (year) is divided into two Ayanas based on the Earth’s revolution & its exposure to the sun. Uttarayana & Dakshinayana are the two divisions of a year each of which consists of 3 rutus. Shishira, Vasanta & Greeshma are 3 rutus in Uttarayana, whereas Varsha, Sharad & Hemanta are 3 rutus in Dakshinayana.

Below list provides a high level mapping of months to seasons (Maasa to Rutu), which may vary slightly depending on the geographical area that one belongs to:
  • Chaitra (March- April), Vaishakha (April – May) :- Vasanta Rutu
  • Jyeshtha (May – June), Aashadha (June – July):- Greeshma Rutu
  • Shraavana (July – August), Bhadrapada (August – September) – Varsha Rutu
  • Aashwija (September – October), Karthika (October – November):- Sharad Rutu
  • Margashira (November- December), Pousha (December – January):- Hemanta Rutu
  • Maagha (January – February), Phalguna (February – March):- Shishira Rutu
Thank you Soumya Bhat. M.D. (Ayu) for the details shared to me about Ruthucharya!

Seasonal Regimen/ Ruthucharya - Index
  1. Varsha Ruthucharya
  2. Sharad Rutucharya
  3. Hemantha Rutucharya/ Hemant rutu
  4. Shishira Rutucharya & Ruthu Sandhi kaala
  5. Prevention & control of pandemic disease as in Ayurveda
  6. Vasanta Rutucharya

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