Vasanta Rutucharya

Vasanta rutu indicates the beginning of new year (Yugaadi). Chaitra & Vaishaka maasa come under Vasanta rutu.
From 25-3-2020 to 22-5-2020 is the Vasanta rutu. It is the time of flowers & fruits harvest!

During Hemantha & Shishira,  Kapha is accumulated in the body due to the food regimen and climatic conditions. The coldness of atmosphere did not cause its aggravation.
(Imagine the state of the solidified ghee/ oil).

During Vasanta rutu, sky becomes clear and sunlight is bright. The accumulated kapha dosha, due to hot sun rays, begin to liquify and spread to other sites. When a dosha gets displaced from its original site, it tends to get accumulated in other sites & starts vitiating the original dosha, which are already present in that site. It is called as sthanika dosha dushti, which may lead to disease (vyadhi). All the food & lifestyle practices suggested in vasantha aim at control of increased kapha dosha & prevent it from causing disorders.

The molten kapha dosha hampers agni (digestive power). When there is deranged digestive power, it affects metabolism at various levels. Therefore, Vasanta charya is mainly planned for agni deepana along with kapha shodhana.
Vamana & Nasya therapies are administered here for cleaning purpose.  Food of quality strong potency & pungent (katu in sanskrit), astringent, drying, light & hot potency (ushna) are suggested in this season. 
  • Below is the list which is considered as good during Vasanta rutu:
  • Cereals:  like barley, rice, wheat which are stored and old.
  • Meat:  of arid origin (light for digestion), grilled (exposed to direct heat)
  • Beverages: Honey, aasava, arishta, wine, shunti kashaya etc..
  • Vegetables: bitter leafy vegetables

Lifestyle suggested are as follows
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Walking, jogging
  • Outdoor games like kabaddi, football, swimming
  • Self-hygiene – bath twice a day
  • Body anointment with fragrant pastes of Kapoor/ chandan etc.. (prevents body odour due to excessive perspiration)
  • Medicated smoke inhalation
  • Oil pulling, one can also use warm water or hot decoction

Ayurveda suggests to avoid the following:
  • milkshakes, thick pulpy juices, lassi  
  • Sour, salt, sweet food articles
  • Heavy, oily , milk & milk products, ghee
  • Day sleep

Food from this blog Sahaja Siri

Moringa chutney

Heerekai sippe chutney
Drumstick leaves palya, Chutney powder, moringa powder
Majjige huli
Seasonal fruits curries / seasonal vegetable curries, raw preparations
Plantain stem preparations like dosa, palya, barley banana stem juice
Traditional kashaya such as coriander cumin kashaya
Khadira water
Dodda patre tea
Rasams such as Jeera pepper rasam, red hibiscus rasam, lemon rasam, pan leaves rasam…
Moringa rice
Mustard flavoured rice/ mango ginger chitranna

Post credit to Dr. Soumya Bhat, M. D. (Ayu)